Monday, 4 July 2011

Virgin Join Forces With McLaren

The Virgin team have announced the introduction of a technical partnership with McLaren, which will see the young team which first joined the Formula 1 field in 2010, given access to McLaren facilities including simulators and wind tunnel.

Virgin were the only team in the field to not use wind tunnels to some degree, instead opting to use only CFD (computational fluid dynamics), but the team decided that significant changes were required if they were to acheive the targets they had set themselves.

The team parted ways with designer Nick Wirth, but purchased the Wirth Racing Technologies business to use as an operational base.

The team are expected to continue using Cosworth engines, despite Williams' announcement that they are to move to Renault motors from next year.

A partnership such as this is not unheard of in the sport, with McLaren currently assisting the Force India team, in a move which moved the Silverstone-based squad from perpetual back-markers to regular points contenders in a short space of time.
Whether the same can be acheived with Virgin remains to be seen, but the commitment from both parties is surely positive.

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