Wednesday, 6 July 2011

F1 Bosses Happy With V6 Engines

Recently Bernie Ecclestone has expressed concerns that the new, smaller, V6 engines which will be introduced from the 2014 season will disinterest fans, which would be very costly to the sport.

However, Renault's Rob White and Williams' Adam Parr have jumped to the defence of the new power plants, claiming that the concerns raised are misplaced.

White told Autosport that the future of F1 is not going to be "like shopping cars" explaining that "a single turbo will join together the six exhaust outlets and have a single tailpipe from the back, so that would tend to make the frequency of the engine note much higher than the frequency note from either a four-cylinder engine or from a V6 with separate exhausts."
He also added "These engines are going to be very loud. They are going to be very high-revving engines."

Parr told of the other benefits the smaller units bring to the sport "we will be having the most energy efficient power unit ever created – and that is what really matters. I am thrilled that all the car makers have reached a common situation."

Of course, fans are not likely to be able to hear the new sounds of F1 for themselves until testing begins for the 2014 season, due to the secrecy which all teams enjoy operating under! At least now fans can sleep easy, knowing that the sport will remain just as much of a spectacle as it currently is.

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