Sunday, 10 July 2011

Teams Unite Against Diffuser Ban - Even Hispania

It has been reported that the Formula 1 teams have agreed to revert back to the pre-Silverstone car set-ups with regards to the ban proposed by the FIA on exhaust blown diffusers.

The FIA would only withdraw the ban if all 12 teams were in agreement, which is believed now to be case. It was reported that Ferrari and (Ferrari-powered) Sauber were the teams hesitant on making a decision.

However, it seems unusual that Hispania were apparently happy to sign the agreement. As we reported prior to the Monaco Grand Prix (click here) the team were considering appealing the use of the blown diffusers, which they described as "illegal".

It would be interesting to see how much politics comes into a decision like this, as it is Red Bull who look to lose out the most if the ban remained in place, and it is Red Bull of course, who have loaned their brightest young driver Daniel Ricciardo, to the Hispania team. Coincidence?

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