At Formula One Results Predictor (www.f1predict.blogspot.com) we will try to predict the results of every race of the 2011 Formula One season.

To do this, we will use historical data gathered regarding the performance of cars and teams which is input into our specially designed calculator, and this will provide us with the predicted finishing position of each driver.

Of course, Formula One can be a rather unpredictable sport, as the unexpected dominance of the Brawn team in 2009 will show. Therefore, we do not guarantee to be accurate, and we hold no responsibility or liability if we are not!

The calculator does not predict qualifying results, only race results.

Our predictions will be published prior to the commencement of Friday practice (Thursday at Monaco), provided there are no unforseen circumstances / technical glitches etc.

Predictions will only be published one race in advance.

The predictions for the first race will be published upon completion of pre-season testing, and following the announcements of all participating drivers.

Formula One Results Predictor may amend the predictions at any point up until the commencement of the first practice session.

We will also publish any news and information we consider to be interesting, to keep you entertained between races.

Please check out the Legal page for more information, or feel free to Contact Us!

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