Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pirelli - A Different Perspective

Pirelli came into Formula 1 at the Australian Grand Prix, just a few months ago, and immediately caused a commotion!

The tyres degrade considerably during the race, so much so that at some tracks, the preferred strategy may be to use four of five sets of tyres of the duration of the race.
The degradation of the tyres is obvious, not only on lap times, but pieces of rubber known as 'marbles' are clearly visible on the track, off the racing line. These can be disastorous for a driver running wide, either in error or when overtaking.

Now combine this new tyre design with the DRS and KERS, and never in living memory has so many overtakes taken place, race after race, and the excitement is attracting many new fans to the sport.

This is great for spectators, and great for the future of Formula 1 - even those who claim that the racing has become artificial are becoming quieter. Either they are growing to like the new concept, or they are too greatly outnumbered.

However, although this is not taking anything away from Pirelli, they were instructed to design a tyre which degrades quickly - which they certainly have done!
Bridgestone, the 2010 tyre manufacturer, were not set this target. Therefore their longer lasting tyres were perfectly adequate for the task they had been set.

Also, in this day-and-age, where everyone is trying to save energy, and the sport is trying to promote itself as having a greener image, is it right that it takes the best part of 400 tyres to get two-dozen cars to do 60 laps of a circuit?

The important thing is to enjoy the great racing that we are seeing this year, whilst it lasts!

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