Monday, 6 June 2011

Could Pirelli Be Decider In Bahrain Debate?

The BBC's Andrew Benson has explained on his blog that teams, sponsors and drivers are still just as concerned as ever about holding the Bahrain Grand Prix this year.

Just days after the FIA and WMSC agreed that the Grand Prix would be reinstated, opposition to the current regime in the Country have called for a "Day Of Rage" to be held during the event.

As Benson explains, it is not without precedent for teams to boycott a race. In the mid 80's, Renault and Ligier refused to participate in the South African Grand Prix, due to the apartheid which was taking place at the time. Additionally, some of the sponsors of teams which did participate insisted that their logos were removed from the cars.

It is believed that Pirelli are one of the companies strongest in their opposition in the reinstatement of the Grand Prix, and if they refuse to provide tyres to the circuit, then it seems unlikely that a race could go ahead at all...

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