Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Exhaust Management Systems Ban To Be Introduced

The FIA have announced that they intend to ban the use of certain exhaust management systems used by many of the top teams. However, after an appeal by the teams, it has been agreed that the use of the system can continue to be used for the next three races.

This ban was expected by some, click here for our previous story.

The exhaust management system in question produces exhaust waste even when drivers lift off the throttle, which keeps the gasses flowing through the diffuser, maintaining a high level of downforce.

Without these exhaust gasses, downforce would be significantly reduced at a time when the driver requires it most - whilst cornering.

However, the production of the additional exhaust waste requires additional fuel, which at a time when Formula One is moving towards a greener image, is not really acceptable to the sport's bosses.

However, the stay of execution has been given, as teams have argued that their engines will require re-mapping, in order to stop them operating in this way.

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