Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blown Diffusers To Be Banned?

A press release issued by Lotus-Renault has explained that blown diffusers use a much as 10% more fuel than standard diffusers.

Blown diffusers work by positioning the exhaust exits over the diffuser - sometimes towards the front of the car. The exhaust waste then blows over the diffuser, dramatically increasing downforce and therefore improving handling and cornering speed.

Blown diffusers have been made famous by Red Bull, who were the first team to really make them work effectively. However, Lotus-Renault's diffuser design for this season was much more dramatic, and has influenced the designs of other team's designs, including McLaren.

The team have stated that in order to create the necessary level of exhaust, more fuel is needed to be burned.

As Formula One cars use approximately 150 litres during a race, the additional fuel quantities would all add up over the course of the season.

Considering the sport is aiming to become ever greener, it seems likely that the FIA will look to ban blown diffusers following this information.

It seems unusual that Lotus-Renault released this information, considering a ban now looks likely, as they have certainly gained a performance advantage by making the system work better than most of their rivals.
Perhaps, however, the release was intentional, as they may see that a ban on the design will see Red Bull lose some of their huge performance advantage they currently seem to have over other teams.

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