Monday, 23 May 2011

DRS Ban For Tunnel

The new for 2011 DRS system has been banned from the tunnel section of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Some drivers had called for the device to be banned from the circuit completely, but will be available for use along the start/finish straight during the race.

However, in free practice and qualifying, DRS can usually be used at any point, at the drivers discretion.
This is the first time a partial ban of DRS has been applied.
The tunnel section features a right hand bend which can be taken at speed, but could certainly be risky if attempted with the rear wing open, creating minimum downforce.

Several drivers will be happy with this, particularly Rubens Barrichello, who had been campaigning for a ban of this type.

However, Lotus-Renault boss Eric Boullier has said that it should be available to the drivers should they feel confident enough to use it.

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