Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ferrari Should Give Up 2011 Title Chase

Flavio Briatore, the former head of the Renault Formula One team, has called on Ferrari to give up on chasing the 2011 title after only one race, suggesting they should instead focus their energy on the 2012 season.

"Ferrari, of course, have all the engineering skills and resources that you need, but the half-second difference to Red Bull is an eternity," the Italian, who also manages Ferrari's number one Fernando Alonso, is quoted as saying.

Ferrari are investigating why their cars were so off far off the pace in the opening Grand Prix in Australia last weekend, despite showing strong performances in pre-season testing.
Alonso's best Q3 qualifying time was well over a second behind pole setter Sebastian Vettel's, and the Spaniard finished over half a minute behind Vettel, the reigning World Champion, in the race on Sunday.

Gerhard Berger, who previously drove for Ferrari, has echoed Briatore's comments, stating that just because the Italian marque have updates planned for their car, doesn't mean that this will give them a great advantage. "All the same people will all keep working, so I don't foresee a turning point."

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