Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ecclestone's Frank Interview

Mr Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, has given a very typically straight-talking interview with

Ecclestone discusses the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix "I think it was the right decision", Michael Schumacher's chances "If Mercedes give him a competitive car, he will win again", Robert Kubica "For me Robert Kubica is one of the top drivers" and the safety of modern Formula One cars "if you could choose your kind of accident I am sure they would all choose a Formula One car".

The Englishman also admitted to favouritism when asked who he would pick between the two current Red Bull drivers "Very clearly Sebastian (Vettel)!", and said that if he could manage a team again, he would pick Ferrari "because of the myth", with Vettel and Fernando Alonso as drivers. The third driver would be "Probably the one with the most money, or Nico Hulkenberg".

Controversially, the often outspoken boss said that he would like to "make it rain", by artificially wetting the tracks during the race with little warning, in an effort to make the show more of a spectacle. This has, however, already received some opposition, particularly from Mark Webber - although the Australian may have been offended by Ecclestone's earlier remarks regarding his preference for Vettel!

It's a very interesting article, and well worth reading in full, which can be done HERE.

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