Monday, 21 March 2011

New Twist In The Lotus v Lotus Saga

On the day that the (Team) Lotus v (Group) Lotus courtcase was due to begin, a new disagreement has broken out between Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes, and the man who at one stage appeared to be their trump card in the whole disagreement, David Hunt.

Hunt, the brother of former Formula One star James, bought the rights to the Team Lotus name when the team folded in the mid 90's, and vowed to one day return to the team to a "worthy custodian" who could help return the marque to the front of the grid.

However, Hunt has now claimed that Fernandes has tried to renegotiate on an agreement which they made following the completion of the 2010 season.

"He (Fernandes) apparently 'changed his mind' at the 11th hour, by his own admission, now that I've done so much work on his company's behalf, and he's trying to renegotiate by offering new terms which are, frankly, ludicrous,".

Team Lotus have strongly denied these claims.

"Team Lotus has an agreement with David Hunt which was signed by both parties,"

"David Hunt has tried to renegotiate that agreement, which Team Lotus is not prepared to do."

These unfortunate events may result in a further court case for Team Lotus, who will start their second season in Australia this weekend. Whatever the final decision of the court may be, we can only hope that it will not affect the team's on-track performances.

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