Thursday, 17 February 2011

More Bahrain Problems

This weekend's GP2 race which was due to be held in Bahrain has been cancelled by the events organisers, as the political situation in the Country continues to deteriorate.

The first week in March is due to see the Formula One teams arrive for the final pre-season test, prior to the first race of the season at the same track.

F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that he will make a decision next week regarding whether the race will go-ahead as planned.

If the race does not go ahead in Bahrain, it is unlikely to be replaced. Therefore, Australia will likely hold the first Grand Prix of the new season.

Many motor racing personalities have used their Twitter accounts to give their views on what is going on:

Team Lotus Chief Technical Officer Mike Gascoyne - @MikeGascoyne - "GP2 race has been cancelled in Bahrain. Big uncertainty about testing there next week. Hope our GP2 guys get home safely"

BBC F1 Commentator Martin Brundle - @MBrundleF1 - "Bahrain GP2 now cancelled by their motorsport federation. No point second guessing F1GP in such volatile circumstances but doesn't look good"

"When Spa was cancelled for track issues in 1985 they ran it later in the year, but F1 schedule, comerciality (sic), + TV so much more complex now"

"I've been to Bahrain 9 times, always found it very calm and pleasant place to be. One of my favourite GPs so shocked to see the news reports"

BBC F1 Presenter Jake Humphrey - @jakehumphreyf1 - "It seems the situation is worsening and may have degenerate (sic) further. To be honest when things are this serious sport takes second place"

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