Sunday, 6 February 2011

Kubica - Another Update

It is being reported that Robert Kubica spent seven hours in surgery following his accident on Sunday morning.

The surgery is believed to have been succesful, however it may take up to a week before doctors will be sure if Kubica's 'partially severed' hand has been saved.

Doctors have also said that even if the surgery has gone according to plan, it may take up to a year before he can drive a Formula One car again.

Kubica's co-driver in the rally car, Jakub Gerber, has explained that he did not know why they crashed.

Despite some critics arguing that it was irresponsible and ill-advised for Kubica to race in a rally between tests, Lotus-Renault team boss Eric Boullier, has defended the decision to let the Pole participate. "We've let him do it because rallying is what he loves to do. Rallying is vital for Robert and for his sanity" explained Boullier.

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