Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pirelli Considering Qualifying Tyres

Pirelli have offered teams the opportunity to reintroduce qualifying spec tyres for future seasons.

Qualifying tyres feature a super soft compound rubber, which provide exceptional grip, but just for a single flying lap.

The tyres last featured in the sport 20 years ago, when Pirelli were previously a tyre supplier.

The Italian company stress that this is only a suggestion. If the teams don't want them, or don't think they will work, then they will not be introduced.

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Qualifying has become less vital this season, due primarily to the introduction of the faster wearing Pirelli tyres. Several drivers so far this year have opted to save a set of tyres, rather than try and improve their qualifying time. As a result, qualifying isn't always as exciting as it could be.

The introduction of qualifying tyres would meant that drivers would give 100% in every time on the Saturday sessions (as saving a set of tyres would not be an option).

The disadvantage of qualifying tyres, is that the best car / driver combination may be able to produce an even bigger gap to the field than they would otherwise have with standard tyres.

Additionally, at a time when Formula 1 is trying to show it's environmentally friendly credentials, the idea of a set of tyres which only last one lap may not go down well with the sport's stakeholders.

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